This is a blog about my project which centers around Collectivisim and Individuality. Join me as I explore the concept and try express it in my own creative way.
8 July 2015

Continued working on some book and index experiments today. I managed to glide through two sticks of glue in a single 2 hour sitting as I attempted to give new life to a book that had come to the end of its' life.

I love books and reading so any activity that involves mutilating books is usually a bit of a challenge for me. Fortunately I bought the books from a thrift shop and most of them are in a language I don't read so it makes the process just a tiny bit easier. I will say though, giving the books a make-over has been somewhat gratifying. There is something about just touching the pages, painting them, gluing them together to make new constructs that makes the process feel less like a mutilation but more of a process of preparation for new life.

Old books refurbished
Fig1. - Some old books with some new looks

I'm still a student so most of my material choices have little to do with meaning and more to do with budget but I always love how these little connotative meanings and stories are born from the process. It makes the message of the work stronger and I learn a lot about the medium that I possibly wouldn't have learnt had I had the money to do what I really envisioned.

The only down side to refurbishing old things is that they eat through your art supplies at an alarming rate. So I'm off to the shops tomorrow to get more glue and paint and possibly do some printing too. Anyway, it's back to work for me now. Laters.

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