This is a blog about my project which centers around Collectivisim and Individuality. Join me as I explore the concept and try express it in my own creative way.
17 July 2015

Documentation is life

In my class we had to set up appointments with our lecturers for one on one discussions about our work and progress. One of the main things I took away from our discussion is that documentation is key. Now I take pictures of everything. I also got myself a notebook to do all my thinking in.

I looked at my notebook today and it really made me question its validity as an art object. All it has is mind maps and thought diagrams and now even rough draughts for my blog entries. In other words, it's just text.

I'm a writer. That's my gift and I guess sometimes I feel out of place in this "maker" environment. Writers make but they make in a totaly different and more abstract way. So am I not making art when I write in this little documentation journal I've started? I don't know, but I find myself caring less and less with each day that I get to scribble a new note down in my journal. As much as this form of documenting takes away from the making process in that I experiment less, I always feel that the experiments I do finally do are richer for it.

So I'll continue this form of documentation and be reassured that there really is art in it.

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