This is a blog about my project which centers around Collectivisim and Individuality. Join me as I explore the concept and try express it in my own creative way.
2 July 2015

Let's get conceptual

Hello. Nonhlanhla here. I'm a multimedia student currently experiencing my final year of my BA degree. This blog will serve as a diary of sorts of my days leading up to the big hand in for my final year project.

So it's final year and things are very different to say the least. Our project focuses on conceptualisation and realising that concept through artistic means. This is great. I'm great at concepts right. Wrong. I've recently figured out that I'm greet at storytelling and the concept is usually born as a result of the story. I have no story this year. Only a wonderful all-consuming concept. Now I love my concept don't get me wrong, but the trials I am facing now are of a nature I haven't really had to deal with in my previous two years of creating. I guess it has to be back to the drawing board for me. More experiments, more random stories. Anything. Anything to trigger what I know is lying dormant inside of me. I suppose you could call this an artist's block. I call it a nightmare. Time is ticking by and I am having less and less to show for all my efforts.

Let me get back to work and stop blogcrastinating.

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