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9 July 2015

Snowflake, Acrylic Pages and Topic Maps

What a slow yet productive day it's been today. I finally finished refurbishing my books and now they are ready to be worked on further. The final product makes me think I should reconsider this whole recycled books notion and just go for new bought books with nothing printed in them. I'll give this version a shot for the next marking session and see how they are received first before I invest more finances into the idea.

I started working on one of the short stories which I've kept intact and was amazed to find myself drawn into the story as I worked. It's a lovely story about the life of a snowflake. Of course as it is a children's book, as an adult, I was quick to identify the snowflake as a metaphor for the individual and all the situations that the snowflake found itself in as metaphors of life.

Fig1. - Snowflake by Paul Gallico
I was greatly moved by the story as I read the first few pages with an eagerness to find out what would become of the little snowflake. It was moving to me because of how relevant the whole story was to my topic as a whole, just in the way it was written and the issues that the story dealt with such as feelings of isolation, being different and knowing God. It's so crazy because it read to me like the story I would have told at the end of my topic had I already written one. It reminded me of a dream I had at the beginning of the year when I was first struggling with putting together a concept for my year project.

In the dream the goal was simple: create something great. And I did. At least before I fell into a mysterious comma that resulted in me losing my memory. When I woke I pitched ideas to the people around me but they all kept referring to this great book I had already written called "I did it. It's done". What a title. Needless to say, it's been difficult to forget the dream or the wonderfully eerie title of the wonderful book.

It feels like I'm still chasing the success of "I did it. It's done" even now in my waking life. Snowflake makes me think it's really God saying "I did it. It's done."

Anyway, this evening I'm continuing my research. I didn't realise how much exactly I had fallen behind on this until I realised my workbook is made up mostly of gallery visits and feedback from the lecturers. I am correcting those wrongs now and as usual the topic threatens to sweep me off to the depths of my mind where it is sometimes hard to come back from. I love research but I sometimes love it too much. Here is to hoping I can keep my head above it.

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