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16 July 2015

Light bulb moment on Interactivity

I'm working towards making an interactive installation. The problem thus far has been that I've allowed my topic to overshadow all the work and research that I should have been doing to get there.

So this week I finally decided to do research on interactivity and artists who use interactivity in their art.

My mind was pleasantly blown. Who knew that this was such an intreguing and engaging topic. So here are the things I have learnt about interactive art:

  1. It's a dialogue
    • -di- in dialogue is derived from dual, meaning two
    • therefore it is two way communication
  2. There is a two directional change effect
    • viewer is changed
    • art is changed
  3. The focus is on the viewers involvement in the "sense making"

  4. Even viewers NOT interacting with a piece can ve viewed as a form of interactivity
There is a lovely list of artists who are involved in making interactive art which can be found on the wikipaedia page about Interactivity.

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